Trapped in the Weeping Woods (StoryADay Post)

The Watcher in the Woods, film poster
The Watcher in the Woods, film poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She looked at her surroundings; the trees were blighted, the plants were drooping, and rot and slime were everywhere.

In short, there was nothing natural about these woods.

What was I thinking to run away from home, she thought to herself as she plowed deeper into the woods. I should have known never to leave, not when my mother would know where I am.

Still, she kept going, as if something in the woods was chasing after her. She didn’t know if it was a snake or a bear or some other animal, but she had to get away immediately.

As she became aware of her surroundings, she could see her mother’s disproving face and her father’s violent temper. She could hear the jeers of her classmates and the resentment of her sister. She could hear people saying that it would be better if she wasn’t there.

Then she felt a vine wrap itself around her leg and pull her into a muddied lake that was in the middle of the woods. Her worst fears were coming true; she was gone and no one was able to help her…

They found her body at the edge of the woods the next day; she was another victim of the Weeping Woods.