The Pavane (StoryADay Post)

Императрица Мария Федоровна с сыном императоро...
Императрица Мария Федоровна с сыном императором Николаем II. Петергоф. 1896 Фотограф неизвестен. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was now the year 1900, and there was talk of many changes. People spoke of the future, not knowing that the future was a fickle thing and would never turn out the way everyone assumed it would be.

Hadassah Trichenberg, who recently turned five years old, frowned as she stared at the scene before her. It was a grand ball where women wore fancy dresses and jewels and men wore tailored suits. The Czar and Empress would make their appearance soon, accompanied by their three daughters Olga, Tatiana, and Maria.

And Hadassah? She knew that there was no place for an orphaned bastard with the Imperial family. Sure she was allowed to wear pretty dresses and live in a grand palace with the Romanovs, but she wasn’t one of them. Not when her own birth denied her many basic rights.

As she watched the people dancing, Hadassah caught a glimpse of an older man speaking with several young women in one corner of the ballroom. She knew that her father, Leo Trichenberg, was notorious for not only being a master manipulator in the Russian Imperial court, but he fathered eight children out of wedlock. She was the youngest of those eight children, something that never bothered her…until now.

Leo noticed his youngest child and called to her, “Why do you not stand with the royal family?

“They say a bastard should never be allowed to be within an inch of the Czar, lest he or she taints his family with his or her presence,” said Hadassah.

At that, Leo laughed, saying, “Oh, is that so? We’ll see about that!” The women he spoke to gasped in shock as Leo continued, “One day, you won’t be seen as just another bastard, for you will be recognized as my daughter as well as a member of the royal family. No one will call you “bastard” after I’m finished with them.”

Hadassah stared at her father in shock, then at the Czar who nodded his approval. She knew that times had changed since her birth, and she knew that it would only be a matter of time when she would appear with the royal family at the next ball.