The Big Beginning (StoryADay Post)

English: Hotel Phillips, Kansas City, Missouri
English: Hotel Phillips, Kansas City, Missouri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought it was going to be easy, as I imagined that working for Sunny Valley Hotel would be. I was the assistant to the CEO of the hotelier Boris Fildon and I hoped that working in the big city was going to be enough for me.

Ironically, it was my dream of working in the city of Woodpine, California, that almost destroyed me.

First of all, for a person who left the tiny town of Greeley, Missouri, I was totally unprepared for life in the big city.  I had no idea how to use a computer and my phone skills were as good as a hermit’s. Plus, I had no idea of how a business was run, especially one that was as famous as Sunny Valley.

And to make matters worse, the other people who worked at the place sought to make my life a living nightmare, as they spoke about their nice apartments and nice cars. I had to make due with an old car and an apartment that was located in an unsafe neighborhood. None of them wanted to reach out and help me adjust to being in the city, as it were.

But I know that I’m not giving up, not for anything in the world. I will make this dream work, whether the world wants me to or not.