Not So Different (StoryADay Post)

You might think that all odd couple stories are full of conflict, but that’s only half the truth. The truth was that it’s possible for two people who are different to live together in the same house.

Here’s the difference between Maurice and Marva Grimbold and their adopted son, Stuart Greer.

Maurice and Marva were an old-fashioned couple from the 1950’s while Stuart was of the modern times. The Grimbolds were also traditional Americans (meaning that they attended church every Sunday and were patriotic) while Stuart hated church and disliked the American life. Stuart also claimed to be from Tibet while the Grimbolds thought he was a confused young boy who needed help.

“Now Stuart,” said Maurice as soon as they got home, “we need to tell you something.”

“What?” said Stuart. “Oh, let me guess: you’re just like Mr. and Mrs. Reaves? You’re not going to let me go anywhere or do anything fun? I’ve already been down that path.”

“I know,” said Marva. “We understand that you’re not like the other kids around here, but that will change.”

“So you want me to change my anti-American ways because the Stranger put me with a bunch of mind-controlling freaks?” Stuart snapped.

“We’re not mind-controlling freaks, as you kids call it,” said Maurice. “We’re just setting up some ground rules for you to follow.”

“What ground rules?” said Stuart, who clearly didn’t like to operate under the rules.

“First, you make sure to take off your shoes when you come into the house,” said Maurice.

“Second, don’t switch the radio to your country music station,” said Marva.

“Always do your chores, and make sure your room is clean,” said Maurice.

As the Grimbolds spoke, Stuart’s head began to whirl. He had spent the last eight years of his life rebelling against the rules. He rebelled against other things that were unfair, such as his friendship with Tanya Shinnok, which was unpopular with the people of Harrison Creek, Oregon.

Yes, he was a rebel who despised the foster families that he lived with, but how was he going to survive living in a family who firmly held onto their traditional values when he himself threw those values out the window?