Not the DaVinci Code (StoryADay post)

Study for The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania by...
Study for The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania by Noel Paton: fairies in Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What on earth is that?” Shara said as she and her friends stared at a painting that was on the wall of Mr. Duffy’s art classroom. The painting was called “Reincarnated Larque” by Razahr. It contained a small girl sitting on her front porch playing with what appeared to be several fairies. The background was a dark sky with a bright full moon and many stars shining everywhere. The girl appeared to have a happy, contented look on her face, the typical look of childhood innocence.

“And what’s so special about that painting?” said Mara.

“Who’s Razahr?” said Irene.

“Who knows?” said Stuart as the kids wrote down their observations. “I bet what the artist was trying to convey is that childhood should be a time of pure innocence and wonder, not us playing with our cellphones and tablets and whatnot.”

“But I see something else,” said Pearl as she pointed to the lower left hand corner of the painting. There, a creature that appeared to be a malevolent fairy was lurking in the background, just inches of snatching the little girl.

Irene also saw the painting. She said, “I bet that that creature there represents death, or possibly the death of the little girl.”

“Why must all your observations begin with death?” said Mara. “As far as I know, that fairy means the cruel reality of the little girl having to grow up and leave the innocence behind.”

While the others spoke, Shara saw what appeared to be a piece of paper sticking out from behind the painting. She reached out and carefully grabbed the note, not knowing that she and her friends were about to go on another adventure…