Nostalgic Googlers

Out of the 32bit generation, PlayStation was t...
Out of the 32bit generation, PlayStation was the best looking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He thought that if he GoogledLife in the 1990’s“, he would be able to understand why most people on the Internet wanted the 1990’s to return. He was bombarded with images and Facebook posts that shouted “BRING BACK THE 1990s“, as if life in 2014 wasn’t even worth living.

So he went to Google and typed in “life in the 1990’s“, hoping to understand what everyone was talking about.

Yet what he got was far more than that; in fact, he saw images that shocked and horrified him. Those images were of missing and dead children, an unfaithful president, buildings that were bombed, people shot and killed, and to make things worse, crappy cartoons that would not be on TV nowadays.

In short, he found out the hard way that the 1990’s wasn’t all that great, not if the bad things that happened during the 1990s outweighed the good things.