The poetry assignment

English: Poem at the Bridge of Remembrance.
English: Poem at the Bridge of Remembrance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Eyes on Tango, For the dance is about to begin…”

“I don’t understand why we have to read this particularly difficult poem,” Mara frowned as the kids were sitting in the library, going over their homework for the day. Their English teacher had assigned them to do a critique of the poem “Measure Of Histerics” by Liberty Oceanspell; so far, none of them were able to understand that particular poem.

“What’s the point of this poem?” said Irene. “I mean, was the poet on drugs or something like that when he wrote that poem?”

“Most of the poets in our poetry book were on drugs when they wrote those poems,” said Shara. “That’s why we don’t understand them.”

“I don’t suppose will ever be able to understand what the poet is trying to convey,” said Pearl.

“No, we don’t understand them, and I bet that we never will,” said Stuart.