The Unexpected Romance (StoryADay Post)

It was the most nerve-racking day of Brandi Gamble’s life. After almost three years of talking to Chad Baldwin on Facebook, she was going to meet him in person. They were going to meet at the Pizza My Heart within an hour.

Brandi wondered if meeting Chad was worth it. After all, talking to someone behind a computer screen was one thing, but talking to someone face to face was a completely different thing. She wondered how people actually met and talked to each other before Facebook came along.

And that was one question that she had to solve.

At the same time, Chad was wondering if he was doing the right thing by arranging to meet Brandi at a restaurant. He was still unsure if meeting her was such a good idea. After all, they had talked to each other on Facebook for three years.

Why was it easier to talk to people behind a computer screen instead of face to face, he thought to himself as he walked out the door. How did people date before Facebook was invented?

He gasped when he realized that he was at the restaurant and a woman was sitting at a table on the patio, waiting for him.