Life After Love (StoryADay Post)

A Widow for One Year
A Widow for One Year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“You’re sure you’re going to be all right, dad?” Caroline Hayden said to her father, Anthony, as they came home from the funeral. Anthony’s wife, Sandra, had recently died of cancer and now everything fell to him. Anthony was now 83 years old.

“You know, I can stay here until you get back on your feet,” Caroline offered.

“I know,” said Anthony. “But you have your own children to worry about. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

“If you say so,” said Caroline as she left the room. “Still, if you need me, just call.”

Anthony sighed as he watched his daughter leave. He knew that Caroline would be there for him no matter what. But then his thoughts turned to his late wife and how she, despite her illness, managed to clean the house and prepare his dinner. She made sure that he was taken care of.

Now he was alone.