The Familiar Stranger (StoryADay Post)

Gothic tomb in the cloisters of Évora Cathedra...
Gothic tomb in the cloisters of Évora Cathedral, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a manor outside the city of Coopervale, England, a man named Balthasar Meriwether Lewkenor found himself staring at a tomb. The tomb was white and covered with red roses. The words on the tomb read: “Here lies Rose Lytton, beauty of the Harrington family. May 3, 1805 – July 14, 1827

Who was Rose and why was she buried here, Balthasar thought to himself as he looked up and saw a bright light shining on the tomb. A boy of about 12 years old saw him and approached him, saying, “Why are you here?”

“Who is Rose and why is she buried here?” Balthasar asked.

“Rose?” said the boy. “I wouldn’t know. But my grandfather does.”

“And would your grandfather happen to be Lord George Harrington?” said Balthasar.

“Yes,” said the boy. “My name is Andrew Claymoore, son of Lord Frederick Claymoore and Kathlyn Harrington. How do you know Rose?”

“That story is best told at the fireplace,” said Balthasar as he and Andrew made their way towards the parlor. The rest of the family had gathered in the parlor, but they didn’t expect Balthasar to be there. And the family didn’t expect the story that he was going to tell them…