Slices of Life (StoryADay Post)

English: Sleeping baby boy
English: Sleeping baby boy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A day on the beach

“Dad, can we go to the beach?” 9-year-old Josephyn begged for the umpteenth time. 11-year-old Jacquelyn turned to her and snapped, “If you don’t stop asking dad if we can go to the beach, we’re not going to the beach.”

“That’s enough, girls,” said Arexus as he tried to wrestle little Yeagan into his booster seat. “And yes, Josephyn, we’re going to the beach.”

Yet when the family got to the beach, they found out that poisonous snakes had invaded the beach the night before. The place had to be closed. Jacquelyn and Josephyn were upset.

The Big Slide

“Let’s go play on the big slide,” said Aurelius as the kids went to spend a day at the amusement park. After the snakes on the beach fiasco, Arexus thought it was a good idea to cheer the kids up by taking them to the park.

“OK, Ari,” said Rex. “We can go play on the big slide.” But when they got to the slide, the slide was closed because there were hundreds of black widows living underneath the slide. Aurelius was upset.

The big birthday

“It’s a boy! You have a son!” The nurse said to Irina as she showed the mother her newest child. Rina endured almost three days of labor, which motivated her husband to take the kids out for the day.

Now that the baby was born, Rina couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the family the good news. Rex came into the room with four unhappy children behind him. Rina said, “Did everyone have fun?”

“No,” said the kids.

Snakes and spiders ruined their fun,” said Rex. He stared at the baby and said, “We’re not having any more kids.”