A Flaw in the Plan (StoryADay Post)

Polski: Andronik, Atanazjusz i Junia (po prawe...
Polski: Andronik, Atanazjusz i Junia (po prawej stronie). Svenska: Andronicus, Athanasius of Christianopoulos & Saint Junia. Suomi: Andronikos, Athanasios Khristianopoulos ja Pyhä Junia. Български: Свети Андроник, Свети Атанасий и Света Юния. ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Andronikos, Athanasios av Kristianopoulos og St. Junia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tarcey Pate and Junia Brown wanted to be popular and have friends. They were jealous of their cousin, Jill Roseberry, who was popular and got friends without much effort. People liked her, which bothered the two cousins.

When they saw a show where a person became popular by beating up someone, they decided that they would beat people up and become popular. They thought that being a bully would get them friends.

That was their big mistake.

When a boy called Harry Moffer enrolled in Warthogpox High School and started talking about how dumb the Larry Dobber books were, Tarcey and Junia immediately sprung into action. They incited many students to turn on Harry and beat him up. But when Jill stuck up for Harry and called her cousins out on their crap, Tarcey and Junia knew they were doomed.

In short, they learned that beating up Harry did NOT make them popular or win them friends. Instead, they received much of the school’s ire and a three-week suspension.