How to break a rumor, part 1

“Let’s break some bad rumors!” Stuart said as the kids met at the clubhouse. They had suffered too long; the fact that they were the center of some rumors about a missing girl named Tanya Shinnok was enough to make them want to take revenge for their suffering.

“And how are we going to do that?” said Irene. “We don’t even know who’s spreading the rumors about us.”

“I think I may have a clue as to who’s doing that,” said Mara as she switched on her computer.

The trio gasped as they stared at several websites that pointed to rumors about them and Tanya. Those rumors ranged from the kids joining secret doomsday cults to them helping Tanya escape from an arranged marriage. Most of these stories seemed to be written by people who worked for the tabloids.

“Whoever’s doing this is going to pay,” Stuart said in anger.