A New Beginning

It was now a new year; another chance to get things right. Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl had been through a lot since Tanya disappeared last summer. Tanya was kidnapped from their hangout and no one knew where she went. To make matters worse, those who did know where Tanya was refused to tell the police or aid in the search.

In short, the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon had forgotten about Tanya Shinnok.

“It’s sad that we’re the only ones who know about Tanya and we can’t tell anyone about her because they don’t think she’s real,” said Mara as they sat in their old hangout.

“I know,” said Irene. “It’s also too bad that everyone’s fixated on that new girl instead of worrying about if Tanya’s OK or not.”

“Forget about that, what about us,” said Stuart. “In case we forgot, we haven’t exactly taken care of our own needs. I mean, when is the last time we did something for ourselves instead of doing things for other people?”

“Maybe we need to start over,” said Pearl. “Maybe we need to focus more on ourselves instead of what everybody wants us to think about. Tanya is gone and there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe we should forget about her and move on with our lives.”

The others frowned, but something had to give. It was a new year after all, and they knew they had to let Tanya go and move on with their lives. The question was, were they willing to let Tanya go and focus on their lives?

Prompt: A story entitled “A New Beginning”