Take the Challenge

Juniper Chadwell knew that the day would come when she would have to give up her obsession with the “Trees of Light” trilogy.

Everyone had told her to give up on the fantasy series for many years, mainly because the “Trees of Light” trilogy was seen as a children’s book and she needed to read other books. In fact, several of the girls wanted her to start reading books that dealt with things she didn’t like, such as dating, peer pressure, and even vampire romances.

But Juniper wasn’t having any of that, not if she could rebel and break the rules of adolescence.

She knew her parents didn’t want her to grow up, not if she had a mental disability. Yet people with mental disabilities had to grow up, whether the world wanted them to or not.

And Juniper knew that the time had come for her to grow up.

Prompt: A story about rising to a challenge.