Let It Snow (Retelling of Snow White)

I know you all think of me as the evil queen, but there’s more to me than that.

Many times, I have stared in the mirror, telling myself that I’m the fairest in the land. But to be honest, I’m not as beautiful as many people think. I’m more of a nice-looking variety, as opposed to being beautiful.

Then along comes that Snow White. Snow White? Was her mother messed up when she gave her daughter that hideous name? Also, how dare people say that she’s the most beautiful girl in the kingdom! I mean, she’s only 7 years old, for crying out loud! There’s no way that I’m going to allow a CHILD to surpass me in terms of beauty!

So I consult the mirror, asking it “who’s the fairest one of all”. But what did that mirror tell me? “You are fair, my lady, it’s true; but Snow White is fairer than you”.

I don’t believe it. Snow White is more beautiful than me. ME!! Am I not the Queen??? Am I not beautiful???

There’s only one thing for me to do. Snow White will have to go.

Prompt #3: A retelling of a fairytale.