From City to Farm

Gerald, Janie, and Candice Bowman once lived in Hockingport, Massachusetts. Like all things in life, the siblings learned that it wasn’t easy when you’re the only one in the world. Like what happened when their parents were killed in a terrible accident and they had to leave the city to live on a farm with their cousins.

“I don’t like this place,” said Gerald as he and his sisters sat on the porch of their new house. “It stinks and it’s too quiet.”

“I know,” said Janie. “Plus, there’s too many animals and not all of them are friendly. Even the dogs growl at me when I try to pet them.”

“And to top it all off, the people around here don’t like us,” said Candice. “They think we’re useless because we haven’t milked a cow or pulled weeds.”

“We’re not useless,” said Gerald. “And yes, we do chores. Just not the chores they’re talking about.”

Janie said, “OK, that’s enough, guys. We’re stuck here and we’re all we have left. So we have to stick together no matter what.”

Gerald and Candice nodded, knowing that they had to stick together. They were all they had left in the world.

Prompt #4: A story about three siblings.