A Clue to History

“You won’t believe what I found!” Kinniki Clearbush said as she picked up what appeared to be a necklace off the ground. The necklace was gold, had a gold chain, and had a red jewel inside a gold casing. On the back of the casing were the initials R.T.

“What is R.T.?” said Clove Ashforge as she stared at the necklace.

“Who knows,” said Kinniki. “It looks like it was lost many years ago.”

“Maybe,” said Clove.

Kinniki and Clove lived in a small town called Boundington, where the city of St. Petersburg, Russia once stood. (Let’s say the apocalypse happened after the Russian Revolution came to an end and an explosion almost destroys the world.) The girls spent their days collecting objects that were in the ruins of old buildings. But the necklace they found wasn’t just another relic; in fact, it held a clue to a world that no longer existed.

Such as the initials R.T. that were on the necklace.

Prompt #6: A story about finding something that has been lost.