The Journey

I can’t believe I’m going on a journey. Not a trip to Disneyland. Not a trip to grandma’s house. A fricking journey.

It’s all my sister’s fault. It’s like whatever she wants, she gets. And guess what? Our family’s going on a road trip.

In Canada.

I frowned as mom yells at me to get my things packed. I wished I could take my video games with me, but my sister says that video games are meaningless. She also persuaded mom and dad to leave their phones, computers, and tablets behind, but I’m packing mine in case something happens. Can’t hurt to be prepared.

Anyway, as I’m getting everything ready, dad asks me to pack his phone while mom wants me to pack her computer. My bag’s already filled to bursting with my stuff, but I can’t disappoint my parents, right?

After the car is loaded, we take off towards the Canadian border. I wonder if I’m ever going to return home or if my sister decides that we should live in Canada.

We shall see…

prompt #7: A story about a journey.