The War

Not all wars are fought on the battlefield. In fact, some wars are often fought at home.

Such as my ongoing war against myself.

I already saw what happens when people try to go against what is normal in society and attempt to redefine what society considers “normal”. Most of those people who try to redefine “normal” often take their own lives because they don’t like what they’ve done and they can’t face the sins they have committed.

But I’m stronger than that.

Yet, I fight a daily battle against the person that says it’s OK to be gay, bisexual, transgender, or transsexual. I must fight against a culture that’s starting to tolerate these kinds of behaviors. All I know is that I would rather die than give in to the demons that surround me.

I won’t give up and I won’t give in, no matter what they do or say.

Prompt #8: A story set during a war.