She Drives Me Crazy

“I can’t believe you mom is forcing us to sit in this stupid car with your insane sister learning how to drive,” said Naomi Watkins to Megan Caldwell as the family car was driven around the neighborhood by Megan’s sister, Kendra. “It’s like all she ever does is daydream while your mom drives her around.”

“I don’t like it either, but mom and dad are insisting that Kendra learn to take care of herself,” said Megan. “If she has to drive the car, so be it.”

“Well, your sister is 22 years old and she still lives at home,” said Naomi. “Of course, my brother made sure to leave the house after he turned 18. I don’t know what’s up with your sister for her to be like that.”

“Well, I wonder that too,” said Megan as the car made another turn. “But it’s not my place to ask questions. There are some things about Kendra I don’t want to know.”

“Yeah,” said Naomi as the car kept driving.

Prompt #13: A story that takes place entirely inside a vehicle.

Oh Ye Of Little Talent

“Forget it, dude, I’m not going to enter the talent show,” said David Frazier. “It doesn’t matter how good you think I am, I’m not doing it.”

“Really?” said Troy Carpenter. “Why not?”

“I’m not going to waste my time humiliating myself on stage for other people’s amusement,” said David. “I should know better.”

“Well, if you don’t want to do the talent show, you should take it up with Timothy Burks,” said Troy, “which is a waste of time since he’s forcing everyone in the school to participate in the talent show.”

“He’s crazy,” said David. “He can’t make me do something stupid for his own amusement. I’m not his puppet, you know.”

“Indeed,” said Troy. “But if you don’t have an act by next Tuesday, you’ll have to face in-school suspension.”

“Yeah,” said David. He would let Timothy play his game, and then he would crush him. He would teach the overeager jerk that he wasn’t anyone’s puppet.

Prompt #12: A story about a contest or competition.

Never Play Outside During a Full Moon

It was the night before Halloween and Jared Rivers, Gavin Anderson, and Matthew Bishop were standing outside the house of Bianca O’Neil. Many kids at their school claimed that Bianca was weird, as she seemed to have longer sharper teeth than everyone else and she was covered in what appeared to be dog hair. Little did the boys know that a full moon was rising, or they would have stayed at Gavin’s house playing video games.

“This is a bad idea,” said Matthew as they climbed over the fence to Bianca’s backyard. “Wesley Summers says that Bianca is a werewolf.”

“Wesley is a liar,” said Gavin. “There’s no such things as werewolves.”

“Then explain why Bianca has sharp teeth, has fur all over her body, and eats a lot of meat?” said Jared. “When last I checked, that’s what werewolves do.”

“You think?” said Bianca as she stood behind them. Jared, Gavin, and Matthew screamed upon seeing her; she had overheard them talking and went to confront them. The boys saw that her fur was white and her eyes were red. “You were going to expose my secret, weren’t you?”

“Well,” said Jared.

“Normally, I would eat you,” Bianca began, “but I’m kind of lonely and I need a pack to run with. And guess who’s joining my wolf pack tonight?”

As the full moon came out and she bit him, Jared wished that he had listened to Matthew and played video games at Gavin’s house instead of getting himself into the dangerous situation he was now in.

Prompt #11: A story set at a full moon.

The End of the Year

“Well, I can’t say I’m glad 2010 is finally coming to an end,” said Maia Varner as she and her friends Vincent Holloway, Caroline Cowan, Jennifer Mosley, Imani Ozuna, Zara Kirschbaum, and Tiponi Stewart were standing just outside the party room at Amore’s Pizzeria & Restaurant. They were at a classmate’s New Years Eve party, yet they had no idea who she was or why she bothered to invite them to her party. Who would want to associate with them?

“Well, I can’t believe how everything went down,” said Imani. “Mrs. Brezetta being outed as a murderess, that son of hers and his secret family, and even that one guy who was revealed as the guy who set up the whole scavenger hunt involving those Teen Rebels. Is there no loyalty in this town?”

Vincent was about to respond when the countdown began. As 2010 passed and 2011 began, he and his friends knew that things in Harrison Creek would soon change…

Prompt #10: A story featuring a countdown.

A Creepy Creepypasta

I will never forget this day as long as I live.

One morning, I received a strange message while I was eating breakfast. The message said, “Tonight, you will die unless you hand over the magical keystone.” I shuddered, not knowing what a magical keystone is like or if it even existed. What was a keystone, anyway? And why would someone demand that I hand them the keystone or else I would die?

That message stayed with me all day as I went to my classes. What was the keystone and why would I have to hand it over? Who sent me that message? Someone or something had to have taken an interest in me in order to send me that message.

Soon, I felt a shiver down my spine. I turned around and saw some creature from the ocean was standing behind me. It appears to be a priest with decaying flesh, as if the flesh was affected by being buried at sea. It had been following me all day.

The creature said, “I have come for the keystone. Hand it over right now or else you will die.”

“But I don’t have the keystone!” I cried out.

“Oh, that’s where you’re mistaken, my child,” said the creature as he stared at me. “You ARE the keystone!”

Prompt #9: A creepy story