The End of the Year

“Well, I can’t say I’m glad 2010 is finally coming to an end,” said Maia Varner as she and her friends Vincent Holloway, Caroline Cowan, Jennifer Mosley, Imani Ozuna, Zara Kirschbaum, and Tiponi Stewart were standing just outside the party room at Amore’s Pizzeria & Restaurant. They were at a classmate’s New Years Eve party, yet they had no idea who she was or why she bothered to invite them to her party. Who would want to associate with them?

“Well, I can’t believe how everything went down,” said Imani. “Mrs. Brezetta being outed as a murderess, that son of hers and his secret family, and even that one guy who was revealed as the guy who set up the whole scavenger hunt involving those Teen Rebels. Is there no loyalty in this town?”

Vincent was about to respond when the countdown began. As 2010 passed and 2011 began, he and his friends knew that things in Harrison Creek would soon change…

Prompt #10: A story featuring a countdown.