Never Play Outside During a Full Moon

It was the night before Halloween and Jared Rivers, Gavin Anderson, and Matthew Bishop were standing outside the house of Bianca O’Neil. Many kids at their school claimed that Bianca was weird, as she seemed to have longer sharper teeth than everyone else and she was covered in what appeared to be dog hair. Little did the boys know that a full moon was rising, or they would have stayed at Gavin’s house playing video games.

“This is a bad idea,” said Matthew as they climbed over the fence to Bianca’s backyard. “Wesley Summers says that Bianca is a werewolf.”

“Wesley is a liar,” said Gavin. “There’s no such things as werewolves.”

“Then explain why Bianca has sharp teeth, has fur all over her body, and eats a lot of meat?” said Jared. “When last I checked, that’s what werewolves do.”

“You think?” said Bianca as she stood behind them. Jared, Gavin, and Matthew screamed upon seeing her; she had overheard them talking and went to confront them. The boys saw that her fur was white and her eyes were red. “You were going to expose my secret, weren’t you?”

“Well,” said Jared.

“Normally, I would eat you,” Bianca began, “but I’m kind of lonely and I need a pack to run with. And guess who’s joining my wolf pack tonight?”

As the full moon came out and she bit him, Jared wished that he had listened to Matthew and played video games at Gavin’s house instead of getting himself into the dangerous situation he was now in.

Prompt #11: A story set at a full moon.