Good Psycho (NaPoWriMo, Day 10)

There are no good people here
There are also no bad people
The world thrives on lies and injustices
And ignores the true goodness it hides away

But what is the world
If but a shell of its former glory
I believe that we can change the world
If we first start to change ourselves

All we have to do is to put aside everything we want in our own lives
And destroy the evil in the lives of others
By denying ourselves our selfish desires
Can we ultimately save ourselves
And by destroying the evil that inflicts other people
We can save them from themselves

And in time
We can see the world becoming a better place
Not just for ourselves
But for the people who will come after us
Because we don’t want them
Picking up the remains of a sad world
And cleaning up the mess that we must leave behind

So let’s start today to clean up what we should have destroyed
Let’s put aside what we want ad focus on what the world wants
Then and only then can we make a better tomorrow
Not just for ourselves, but for the children we will leave behind