Not All New Music Is Bad, Not All Old Music Is Good

“I can’t believe some people refuse to like new music, said Jacqueline Mason to Madelyn Ewing as they attended a concert thrown by the up-and-coming rock band Imaginary Phenomenon. “Everywhere I look, it’s “the new music is stupid” and “kids shouldn’t be listening to that kind of music” and even “somebody needs to shoot those people for making that crappy music“. What is wrong with these people?”

“I don’t know, but for some reason, it’s becoming popular to hate new things and be nostalgic for the old things,” said Madelyn. “I find that disturbing.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Jacqueline. “If people would just look at what they currently have instead of just wanting to hold onto the past things, this country would be a whole lot better. But no, nobody likes the new music.”

“Someone needs to put a stop to this “nostalgia fever” that’s taking over the country before we end up in a place where we can’t survive,” said Madelyn.

Prompt #15: A story set at a concert or festival.

Wicked Adventure (NaPoWriMo, Day 12)

Well, it’s been a fun ride, but I know it’s time for me to get off
I can’t be riding the same roller coaster everyday
As it’s taking away my joy
And I need to find myself outside to the world they want me to live in

I want to live a better life, a life where I don’t have to lie
Or hide things no one wants to see
So I’m leaving the worn-out path that everyone else is on
And seeking my own way in this world