The Classroom Blitz

The gun went off and everyone in the room paused. No one knew who had the gun or where the gunshot came from. All anyone knew was that a gun had went off.

“What’s going on?” said Jalen Day as the room came back to normal.

“Who knows,” said Dylan Rich. “What we need to know is who fired that shot and why.”

“And how did they get access to the gun in the first place,” said Courtney Hatfield. “I mean, Milton Holt has already gone through enough crap no thanks to his sister and her evil helpers, but this is too much.”

“We still don’t know if he’s the one who fired the gun,” said Dylan.

“Well, whoever’s doing that, they better come clean because I’m not about to be locked down in this crazy school,” said Jalen.

Jalen, Dylan, and Courtney, along with the rest of their classmates, waited as they heard gunshots and screams all over the school. They wondered if whatever was going on would end in tragedy or if the police or the principal would find and catch the perpetrator in time.

prompt #16. A story that begins with a gunshot.

Education Waits For No One (NaPoWriMo, Day 19)

It’s time for me to go back to school
Because my life is not going the way all life should
I’m sorry if I was living in my own little world
Instead of paying attention to the lessons

I need to go back to school
Maybe this time, I would do better
I would pay attention to the lesson
And not think about my world

For my world will not help me
When it comes time for me to live
I must go back to school
And learn in a new lesson