The One Who is NOT the Leader (StoryADay Post)

I am not fond of the leader of our group.

It’s not that she isn’t doing a good job leading our group, but I know I could do better than her. she’s a mentally disabled person, and she has no business being our leader.

I should be the leader of our group. After all, I’m smart, I know my way around the land, and unlike our leader, I’m an able-bodied man. Why couldn’t I be the leader?

Yet Lorrie says that if I were to lead the group, we wouldn’t last a minute out there, as the zombies would have gotten us and that would be the end of us. Also, she says that our leader has so far kept us safe by having us take paths that were rarely seen; if we ran into any zombies, she knew how to dispatch them with little injuries.

But she’s not me and she’ll never be me. I know I could be a great leader, but no one else seems to think so. I won’t begrudge her the leadership job, as she seems to be better at it than I am.