The Second Aftermath (StoryADay Post)

Adam: I hope you’re happy, Jo. Thanks to us, the school is closed for a month.

Joanna: What else could I do? Several evil kids were tormenting Jed and no one was allowed to help him. I had to do something or else he would have shot up the school. You know that, Adam.

Adam: Yeah. Still, did you really have to rat them all out to the news?

Joanna: Well, to be fair, Jed wasn’t the only one tormented by Barbara and her group. Clayton, Milton, Adrian, Dorian, and several other people also suffered due to Barbara’s twisted ways. I hope they all suffer for the rest of their lives for what they did to those kids.

Adam: It doesn’t matter. The school is being closed and kids are taken to other schools. The teachers and principal are angry that Javier now has control of the school.

Joanna: Better him than the alternative.

Adam: Yeah, you’re right.