Another Ugly Duckling (StoryADay Post)

There was a girl named Joy Baxter, and she was the oldest person in her sixth grade class. She felt ashamed for being almost three years older than her classmates. She hated herself for not being “mature” enough to be with people her own age.

She was also angry with her parents and blamed them for her mental disability that held her back. Nobody wanted to help her; they were only interested in seeing her fail.

But one day, Joy decided that enough was enough. If no one wanted her to succeed or live her life, she would remove herself from the world she lived in. No one would dare look for her, as she assumed they could care less if she was gone.

That night, she packed everything she owned into a suitcase and climbed out of the window of her house. After hitching a ride on a train, she left the world she knew behind. (Of course, it wasn’t an easy decision for her to make, but Joy realized that unless she removed herself from her toxic life, she would never grow up.)

In the next town, she was discovered by a theater troupe. (As it turned out, the girl was a clever actress; she had to be if she wanted to be around other people. She hid her disability so well that no one noticed that she was disabled.) The troupe, impressed by her acting skills, invited her to stay with them. Joy was happy because she felt that she was with people who accepted her the way she was instead of pointing out her disabilities.

As for those who tormented her because of her disabilities, they were shamed because they didn’t help her at all. (Her parents blamed themselves and each other for not being there when she needed them.)

As for Joy, she grew up to become the actress Skylar Ashley. Not bad for a girl who once lived a sad life.