The Movies Challenge

“Well, I guess they don’t make movies like that anymore,” said Jody Hunter to Lesley Flowers as they stood in the lobby of the Sapphire Cinema. The girls had recently watched the movie “Figments”, and while most people claimed that the movie was good, Jody and Lesley couldn’t bring themselves to agree. Not when the movie was filled with 1990s movie cliches.

“The movie was so boring,” said Lesley. “I just didn’t get the point of it. Why do we subject ourselves to these horrible movies?”

“Because almost everyone we know is watching “Summoners & Wizards”, and I’m not going to watch it, even if it was the last movie on this Earth,” said Jody. “Besides, we need to learn how to watch “other” movies, movies that aren’t exactly popular.”

“Indeed,” said Lesley. “Do you want to watch “Deadly Thanksgiving” or “The Wizards Of Time”?”

“At this point, who knows?” said Jody.

Prompt #19. A story set in a theater.