A New House (StoryADay Post)

Stuart Greer could hardly believe his eyes. The house he was in was so much different from where he had lived before. That house was tiny, with a small backyard converted into a garden and a large porch covering the front yard. Jodi and Erwin Reeves didn’t allow the children living with them to play outside unless they were working in the garden.

But when Maurice and Marva Grimbold took him to their home, Stuart swore that he died and went to heaven. The house where the Grimbolds lived was built during the 1950s. The inside was a neutral color while the backyard was large enough for a horse. Plus, the porch didn’t cover up the entire front yard.

Stuart stared at the house for a long time, willing it to tell him its secrets. The house had seen better days compared to the other houses he had seen. But he had to live in this strange house nonetheless.