Not Just a Sidekick (StoryADay Post)

Don’t call me a sidekick.

Ok, just don’t.

It’s not that I don’t like being the sidekick, but that’s not who I am. Sure, I help the main hero when they need it, whether it’s fighting the bad guys or deal with his tyrannical younger brother, but I’m not the sidekick.

Instead, I can sometimes be the hero.

I know where most things are in a room before the hero does, and i can spot when the hero is being deceived. He tells me often, he wouldn’t be the hero if I’m not there.

Wait, he says where would I be without you?

Yes, where would he be without me? Probably dead in a ditch somewhere.

So no, I’m not the sidekick. In fact, I could be the main hero if I wanted to, but that’s too complicated. I’ll take my chances and help the hero, however.