There’s a Woman in the Men’s Bathroom (StoryADay post)

Sean Michael Rowes and Maverick Mobley knew that things were going downhill after gay marriage was legalized, yet they had no idea that the depravity of human life was about to take another turn…

At the restroom at a local restaurant, Sean frowned as he waited for Mobley to finish washing his hands. He had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Sure enough, something did.

“Daddy?” said a young boy, “there’s a woman in here.”

The boy’s father gasped and went the stall to guard his son as several other men gathered around. This could get interesting, Sean thought to himself as Mobley ran into a nearby stall.

The woman in question said, “Look, I’m a man like every one of you. Why is this a big deal?”

“Look, we don’t want no trouble,” said a man.

“You don’t want no trouble?” said the woman. “So why won’t you let me in here?”

“Plain and simple,” said another man. “You’re a woman. Women don’t belong in the men’s bathrooms as men shouldn’t go into the women’s bathrooms.”

“What’s wrong with that?” said the woman. “Are you all a bunch of trans-phobic bastards or something like that?”

“It’s the principle of the matter,” said a third man. “If you were born as a man, you go into the men’s bathroom, and if you were born as a woman, you go into the woman’s bathroom. You can’t argue with that.”

Sean rolled his eyes, wondering how long would it take for the woman to see the error of her ways. But the longer she stood there, facing a group of angry men who didn’t want her in their bathroom, the more he knew that this would not end well.

So he said, “Why do you think you’re a man when you’re clearly a woman?”

The woman didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, so the evil news reporter is going to jump into the fray, isn’t he? Well, I’m a man and you better step aside and let me use the bathroom or else you’ll be in big trouble.”

“Your threats don’t scare me,” said Sean as he pushed a call button, “but I hope you like being kicked out of the restaurant, as you’re making everyone else uncomfortable with your stupidity.”

The woman snarled in anger, but two security guards came into the room and apprehended her. After she was gone, Sean said, “That is THE last straw! I don’t know about you, but I’m saying that enough is enough! We shouldn’t have allowed this to happen! Now look at us! I will no longer stand here and allow the wicked few to continue destroying our world!”

As the men stared at him, Sean knew that the time had come for all decent people to put their foor down and demand an end to the moral decay of their world.