At the Diner (StoryADay)

Serenity, 1957

Something told Seamus LeSouse Rowes that this wasn’t right.

He kept eyeing the woman across the diner with her boyfriend, or who he assumed was her girlfriend. She didn’t look comfortable sitting next to him, not when the man in question came off as boring, predictable, and headache-inducing.

“Seamus, dear, stop staring at that woman; you know women are just no good,” said Alan Martin as he tried to direct Seamus’s attention to the food before them. “Need I remind you of what happened to the last woman who wanted to hook up with you?”

“I would be careful not to mention Carolyn Woodard if I want to keep my head,” said Seamus. “Besides, her father is a rich man. You’re lucky he didn’t have you tied up and thrown into the ocean for insulting his daughter like that.

“Oh Seamus, you know yourself,” said Alan. “You’re a gay man and that’s all you’re going to be. You don’t need a wife or children, not when you have me.”

Seamus rolled his eyes as he stared at the jukebox in front of him. The songs on the jukebox played love songs between men and women. There were no love songs between two men; that wasn’t how things were done.

He turned to stare at the woman again; she appeared to have a huge headache, mainly in the form of her lazy, good-for-nothing boyfriend. Seamus saw her getting up from the table and leaving the diner as the man and several of his friends began a round of poker.

It was at that point Seamus realized that he too had a headache, one that needed to be cured immediately. That headache was known as Alan Martin. The sooner he got rid of him, the better.

Before he could stop himself, Seamus left the diner and chased after the woman. He had to know her name.