A Trip to the Beach (StoryADay Post)

A Charlie Bone/Children of the Red King fan fiction

It was now summertime and as such, there was no school during the summer. This made Charlie Bone happy, as he didn’t want to face another week at Bloor’s Academy. He looked forward to lazy days at the house watching TV and hanging out with his friends. He didn’t want to give a single thought to the children of the red king, especially Manfred Bloor, who he completely disliked.

That was, until…

“Charlie, we have to get going!” Billy raven knocked on the door to his room. Charlie frowned, as he had been dreaming of a lazy day at the park. He was most certainly NOT interested in whatever shenanigans Manfred had planed for him.

“What is it?” he cried out. “Can’t you see I’m staying at home today?”

Nope,” said Billy. “Manfred says that all children of the red king are going to the beach today, and he’s not taking no for an answer.”

“Crap!” Charlie yelled as he kicked off the covers to his bed and ran around the room, grabbing whatever he could find, and stuffing them into a small bag. He clearly did NOT want to spend his free time with the head boy; he had already seen enough of him at the school as it were.

When he was ready, he and Billy got into Manfred’s van. They noticed that their friends Lysander, Tancred, Emma, Olivia, and Gabriel were also in the van. “He made you guys come too?” said Charlie.

“Yeah,” said Olivia. “I envy Fidelio. His family is going to Italy to see that special concert and we’re all stuck here with boring old Manfred.”

“I can’t stand him,” said Emma.

“I heard that!” said Manfred. “Now shut up! We’re going to the beach whether you like it or not!”

As Charlie and Billy climbed into their seats, Lysander said, “How’s about we cut this trip short?”

“Like how?” said Billy. “Manfred will know if we’re up to something.”

“I could always make it rain,” said Tancred.

“Good idea,” said Charlie. “I’ve had it with Manfred and his idiotic schemes.”

Manfred began to drive the car as a huge storm loomed overhead. Soon, the storm broke and it began to rain. There was no way the kids were going to the beach in this storm.

“Drat!” said Manfred. “Looks like our beach trip has been canceled!”

Charlie let out a huge sigh of relief; he didn’t have to deal with Manfred today. “Thanks for getting us out of that, Tanc.”

“No problem,” said Tancred.