Ok, Who Gave You Permission to Write This Story? (StoryADay Post)

In another universe, Michael Lowery, Sadie Green, Isaac Hammond, Paul Turner, and Thomas Stone were hanging out at Jack’s Clubhouse when the Norse god Loki showed up.

“Who are you?” said Isaac as he stared at the god.

“He’s Loki,” said Michael. “Don’t you know who he is?”

“Don’t tell me, it’s Loki from those “Thor” movies,” said Sadie.

“So does that mean we’re going to get Loki?” said Paul.

“Not if you want him to trick you,” said Michael. “He’s a trickster God, after all.”

“You’re quite right,” said Loki.

“Let me guess: you’re going to play a trick on someone?” said Thomas.

“Well, I have someone who owes me something, and they didn’t pay up,” said Loki.

“And who owes you something and they didn’t pay you back?” said Thomas.

“Someone by the name George Stewart and Samuel Burton,” said Loki. “They had the nerve to make a demand that I couldn’t meet, and they owe me for that last trick they did with your friend Tyler Dawson and Lucas Nelson…”

“Oh no, they killed them, didn’t they?” said Sadie.

“Nope,” said Loki. “I just sent them to Disneyland. They tried to get me to do the same thing to your friend Thomas, but I knew Thor was going to find out if I was involved in yet another disappearance. So I told them no.”

“They’re not going to like that,” said Michael.

“Then they’re not going to love what I’m doing to do to them,” sad Loki.

To make this long story short, so she ended up torturing Mr. Stewart and Mr. Burton until they admitted to the police that they organized the kidnapping of Tyler Dawson and Lucas Nelson. Of course, they claim that the god Loki made them do it, but nobody believed them.

“Never thought this would happen,” said Sadie as the group celebrated their friends’ safe return. “Who knows what would have happened if Loki hadn’t showed up when he did.”

“Who cares?” I said Thomas. “We got our friends back, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Burton are in jail, and everything’s going our way. What could possibly go wrong?”

Unfortunately, the kids forgot that Loki was still around causing nothing but trouble for the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon