Life on Echianus

That was definitely a strange bump.

I climbed out of my spaceship and found myself standing on a strange planet. The planet, which I named Echianus, is an earth-like planet in a fairly small solar system with five other planets. Echianus is about twice as big as Earth and its gravity is about 3.03 times that of Earth. A single day lasts 48.39 hours and a year lasts 317 days. The planet is made up of 13 continents, which make up 57% of the planet’s landmass. 3 moons orbit the planet and Echianus itself orbits a white sun in a wide, elliptic orbit.

The plant-like organisms on this planet are almost exclusively trees, with some bushes and shrubs. Flowers can be seen on occasions, but they’re rare. Fungi and grasses are also rarely seen. There are many people and animals living on the planet, but they’re not like what I’ve seen on TV.

Well, this is interesting, I thought to myself as I studied the oceans. Soft corals and various aquatic plants make up the plant-like life of the oceans on this planet. However, due to the unique properties of the water, many of these plants and corals have developed strange shapes and grow only to short sizes, with the exception of a handful of giant species. I’m sure I won’t be returning home anytime soon.

Prompt #21. A story set on another planet.