The Bigger They Are…(StoryADay Post)

They say that the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

Yet, that rule didn’t apply to Tanya Shinnok and her friends Pearl Tanner, Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, and Irene Laughton. If anything, they were notorious for stopping bullies in their tracks and helping people victimized by those bullies. Many of those bullies hated the kids, as they ensured that the bullies were punished with detention, suspension, and (in some cases) expulsion.

The bigger those bullies seem to be, the harder they fall.

It wasn’t just Tanya telling on them to a teacher; in fact, she had the bullies exposed in a variety of ways. Mara had security cameras rigged to record the incidents as they occurred. Stuart defended the victims (based on their race). Irene knew most of the students in the school. (Who knew what Pearl was good at, but it certainly contributed to taking down bullies). They and Tanya made Harrison Creek Middle School a safe place for many students during their years at the school.

Yet, some people didn’t like the crew and their act of taking down bullies. In fact, many angry parents of students punished for bullying demanded that the principal get rid of Tanya. Likewise, the parents of students who were victims of bullying were angry with the principal for not stopping the bullies. (Of course Tanya scolded the parents of the bullies for not doing enough to discipline their children. In the victim’s case, she scolded the parents for not teaching their children about what they should and shouldn’t do in school.)

No matter how the story goes, the bigger they are, the more pain they get.

Tanya, Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl eventually met their match in three students. Their names were Trevor Shinnok, Jacalina Gilmore, and Grace Gifford. Those three students had gotten in trouble for bullying other students. Instead of putting an end to their bullying ways as the other bullies who Tanya caught, they called themselves the Bullying Trio and caused trouble for everyone. But for every student they hurt with their bullying, Tanya and her group caught them and reported them to the principal. Yet, he couldn’t get them detention or suspend them no matter how many times the trio ended up in his office.

The bigger they get, the higher they rise.

But the Bullying Trio had played their final trick, when they plotted to frame the Bully Catchers (which Tanya, Mara, Stuart, Irene, and Pearl were called) and expose them for the bullies that they were. But they had no idea that Mara’s cameras caught them in the act. Their plot was exposed all over the school, with angry students calling for their expulsion. (In fact, the student council didn’t let them graduate with the rest of the class.) Yet the worst part about this was that Tanya had won in the end, and they just couldn’t handle it.

So in truth, the bigger the bullies were, the harder they fell; yet the bigger Tanya got, the higher she rose.