It’s Not My Birthday!

As long as he could remember, Logan Dara had always celebrated his birthday on August 10.

He didn’t know why, but his parents told him that things were easier if he had a birthday that fell in the middle of august, as opposed to the middle of August. But for some reason, the date August 9 was cruelly ignored.

Throughout his childhood, Logan celebrated his birthday on August 10. He didn’t consider the possibility that his birthday was on a different date, not as far as his parents were concerned.

Yet on his 18th birthday, when Logan and his friends were driving around Monterey, California, a police officer asked for their IDs. As Logan handed over his ID, the officer said, “Aren’t you celebrating your birthday a day late?”

“Why do you ask, sir?” said Logan “My birthday is August 10, 1974. That’s just how it’s always been.”

“But why does your ID say you were born on August 9, 1974?” said the officer.

“Oh, that’s probably a typo,” said Logan. “It happens all the time.”

But what Logan didn’t know that he was born on August 9, 1974, when President Richard Nixon resigned as president to avoid a criminal trial. Logan’s parents, Leilar and Eleani, hated Richard Nixon so much that they refused to acknowledge that day as their son’s birthday.

Prompt# 23. A story about a birthday.