“Summer Is Coming…”

It was now summer and I was feeling miserable. I had always hated summer, not just the weather was hot and there was no school, but I hated summer because that was when my parents died last year.

It was a hot day when the sun was blinding the drivers on the road, making driving difficult. My parents and I were driving to the airport to pick up my uncle, who was coming to stay with us for the summer. But one sun flash later, our car crashed and my parents were killed. My uncle, who had come to stay with us over the summer, ended up moving in with me.

We both hated the summer, as this was when my parents died and my life was changed forever. While the summer solstice may be a time of joy for many people, but it will always remain as a source of tragedy for me.

Prompt 25. A story set at the summer solstice.