Never Play with Magical Rings

I have never read “The Lord of the Rings” and I had no choice but to laugh. A story about evil magical rings and tiny hobbits that must destroy those evil rings? What a load of rubbish! But as my friends yelled at me to stop besmirching the book, I wondered if there was some degree of truth to the story.

The ring was evil and those who you end up being messed up. That magical ring was responsible for the deaths of the people the person who wore the ring loved.

And there you have it, the oliphaunt in the room. If the ring was created, not for evil, but for romance. But the ring also killed the wearer’s romantic partners, save for one, who lived to old age.

All I can say is well play, dude. Well played.

Prompt# 30. A story about a magical object.