The Third Aftermath (StoryADay Post)

Jed: Nice going, Milton. You ruined everything.

Milton: What are you talking about, Jed?

Jed: I stuck my neck out for you and you decided to stab me in the back. You’re lucky Adam and Joanna stopped the shooting or we’d both be dead.

Milton: But what about Barbara?

Jed: How could you defend her after what she did to you, dude? And don’t say she’s your sister because you and I both know that she’s not, not after the way she treated you your whole life.

Milton: What?

Jed: Need I remind you that she put you in the hospital two years ago?

Milton: Oh yeah. About that…

(Joanna shows up)

Joanna: John Holt, you are in so much trouble, it’ll snow in the Sahara before you even make parole. (to Jed) As for you, Jed, I’m taking to your uncle tomorrow, so it’s time for you to go home and pack your things. But don’t think this is over yet, as you’re expected to testify before the council in a few months.