Love is Sweet, My Friend, But It Cannot Change This Story (StoryADay Post)

“Well, I certainly don’t appreciate knowing that my mother tried to hire a concubine,” Czar Nicholas II snapped as Leo Trichenberg made his report. They were discussing that unauthorized meeting between the Dowager Empress and the Rabrenov family concerning their youngest daughter, Lana. Lana (better known as Lollys) was upset when she learned that the Dowager Empress had selected her to help her son Czar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra conceive a healthy heir. The czarevitch Aleksei Nicholavitch Romanov was born with the dreaded blood disease hemophilia; the royal family was worried about him and tried to keep him safe.

As of right now, Lollys was talking to Leo’s oldest daughter, Emaria Kroger, who had come to visit her youngest sister, Hadassah Trichenberg.

“My mother had a good idea, but I won’t replace my wife with this young woman,” said Nicholas. “Not for all the healthy heirs in the world. Alexandra would never forgive me for buying into that frivolous idea, and neither would the people.”

“Indeed,” said Leo. “After all, you have your heir, so why would you want more children?”

Just then, the Dowager Empress stormed into the room. She was not happy that Nicholas and Leo were about to pull the brakes on her plans.