The Cat Knows

Most people don’t know what I know, but that’s OK. I’m just a cat.

Sure I like to lay around on the couches and sleep all day, but that’s not all I do. I like to jump onto the table and bother my owner while she’s on the computer, and I certainly enjoy knocking down the wooden towers her kids like to build.

I know things most people don’t know. I know that my owner may think she owns me, but in reality, I own her. I meow at her, telling her what to do. I even tell her family what to do and they obey me, as if they were my personal servants.

So sure, I’m a cat, but no one knows that I control my owners. They may pick me up and pet me and say I’m theirs, but in reality, they are mine.

Prompt #36. A story written from an animal’s perspective.