Pieces of School Life (StoryADay Post)

To be honest, I’m just sick and tired of Tanya Shinnok and her posse being the center of attention. Like can’t we just forget about her and go on with our lives? It’s like she’s sucking the fun out of school. And school should be a place for learning, not a place to have fun.

I don’t know why kids here are complaining about too much Tanya Shinnok, especially since they have been obsessed with her since Gemma Challoner first made up the story about her for the school newspaper. The kids begged her for a story about Tanya, so they should take what they get and be happy with it.

To be honest, I care nothing about Gemma Challoner or Tanya Shinnok. Why do I say that? Because Gemma is an attention-seeking brat and Tanya Shinnok is an imaginary person. Plain and simple. I want to know why my fellow students are paying attention to crap like this when they should be paying more attention to their education.