Three Cousins Get a Reality Check, part 2 (StoryADay Post)

Last week, I wrote a story about how Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Marshall Élan got a reality check when they failed to prevent the 9/11 attacks from happening. Now we see the cousins sitting in a cafe in Elymnore, New York on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

“Well, I can’t say we didn’t get what we deserve, but we got what we deserved,” said Logan as he, Dicky, and Andrea watched the 9/11 ceremonies on TV. He frowned as he watched his 14-year-old son Homer and 13-year-old daughter Treasure deliver a eulogy for him at the memorial site. 14-year-old Anastasia and 11-year old Consuelo were standing with them, although there was no sign of Lysander and Margaret (who were now 24 years old). The kids (plus Homer and Treasure’s younger brothers Lancel and David) had grown up in the public eye since their parents’ so-called “deaths”.

“Maybe we should have done the right thing and warn the people about the attacks instead of thinking of ourselves,” said Andrea. “But it’s too late for that. Looks like we’re going to have to live with our selfishness for the rest of our lives.”

“Maybe we should have listened to Sean when we had the chance,” said Dicky. “If we did, we wouldn’t be in this situation, now would we?”

“Who knows what would have happened had we spoke up when we did,” said Logan. “If we did, we would have stopped the attacks from happening and be called heroes. We could have stopped Harry Potter from being popular. And we certainly would have put an end to Leslie Harlington’s plans to dominate the world. But we didn’t and that’s something we’re going to have to live with.”

“Indeed you must live with your bad deeds,” said Sean. “I gave you that newspaper, not for decoration, but as a warning. but you ignored it that’s why you’re here and that’s why you can’t leave this place. Now Dicky has to watch his kids ran wild and got in trouble for drugs and domestic abuse charges (mainly in Margaret’s case, as she beat up her boyfriend so hard she put him in a vegetative state and almost went to jail for it). Plus, Logan’s kids were exploited on that piece of crap reality show which Deirdre and I shut down two years ago. And I’m not even getting started on how Andrea’s kids were taken from their father and handed to their grandparents in that ugly custody dispute. Yes, you were all paid for your deeds, but is it enough?”

The cousins frowned as they thought about what Sean had said. Their lives and the lives of their children had fallen apart due to their stupid mistakes. They knew it was too late for them to go back and fix the mistakes and reconcile with their children, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t go back in time and prevent the 9/11 attacks from happening and persuade themselves not to sit on that information.

To be continued…