The Talking Dead (StoryADay Post)

OK, I’m a zombie. I eat brains. Don’t hate me because I eat brains. It’s what I do.

But I’m also dead.

You heard me.

Zombies are dead creatures that feed upon he living.

Don’t believe me? Well, know this:

I was just an ordinary woman without a care in the world when the zombie apocalypse began. I watched as the dead rose up and attacked the living. Before I knew it, I was attacked and forced to join the ranks of the zombies.

Zombies eat flesh.

And what are we humans made of?


Well, I’m dead, but I’m also still alive. How is this possible? I’m still walking, aren’t I? I can still talk, even if my words are a bit slurry. And even if I don’t say much to my friends (as we’re all zombies) we still hang out…sometimes.

But why am I a zombie? Aren’t zombies supposed to be…you know…dead? Who knows how this story will end, as this zombie crisis has been going on for the past 10 years.