Who are the Other Main Seven? (Plus, a word about the Minor Seven) (StoryADay Post)

You may know about Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, Pearl Tanner, Shara Shinnok, Tara Schindler, and Marie Lewis, but it’s time to meet another group of teenagers who don’t exactly influence the main events in the story.

Their names are Maia Wagner, Vincent Holloway, Caroline Cowan, Jennifer Mosley, Imani Ozuna, Zara Kirshbaum, and Tiponi Stewart.

This is the other main seven.

They were very briefly seen in the story “The Summer of Our Discontent,” but not much was known about them until they were seen in the sequel “The Beginning of the End.” For starters, Imani had moved to Harrison Creek, Oregon from San José, California, just as Shara had moved to Harrison creek from San Francisco. Maia, Vincent, Caroline, and Jennie attended Harrison Creek Middle School, and Jennie is the youngest member of the group at age 11. Zara and Tiponi came to Harrison Creek High School from Nathan Hale Middle School in Hubbard Lake, Oregon.

The seven of them contend with rumors about Tanya Shinnok, the anti-main seven (even if there were nine people in that group), the upright students brigade, and even an elaborate scheme to take over the city of Harrison creek. But are they the main heroes?

Let’s leave that to the professionals, shall we?

As for the MINOR seven, we have Jacalina Gilmore, Noah Fischer, Brandon Horne, Tammy Baldwin, Cody Kramer, Alexander Jensen, and Fabian Morton. As we all know, Jacalina was once part of the infamous Bullying Trio (with Trevor Shinnok and Grace Gifford), Tammy has Down Syndrome, and Fabian was once part of the Upright Students Brigade. We don’t see them very much, except in the background. But that’s for another story.