Escaping from Her Private Hell (StoryADay Post)

Original post:

A few years ago, I had been a victim of kidnapping.

Since that time, I had gone from being a happy child to a teenager who now isolates herself from the world. For example, I have never left my room, nor do I leave the house. I stopped going to school, stopped speaking to my friends and even ignored my relatives whenever they came for a visit.

And the sad thing about it is that I used to be friendly.

It’s like nobody cares about what I went through during that harrowing time and they still don’t care about what I’m going through today. They don’t care that I have nightmares, nor do they care that I’m practically dying inside.

I hope that creepy man is getting what he deserves because he destroyed my life. There’s no excuse for him to do what he did.

But will no one bother to help me?