The Girl

The girl sat by herself in a dark corner of an old house. She was alone, seeing as most people wouldn’t bother to find her in the old house. Plus, who hides in an old house, anyway?

She looked up and saw spider webs in every corner of the room, the spiders having been dead for a while. The furniture looked like it came from a previous century, and the room looked as if it had seen better days.

With a sigh, the girl stood up and began to walk around the room, taking note of the bookshelf that took up one wall of the room and a bed that was on another wall. A huge life-sized painting was on another wall while the ceiling was painted to be the same color of the sky.

The girl was not afraid, as she had hidden herself in this room many times. She had hidden from angry classmates, vicious bullies, and parents that refused to understand her. She hid herself from her own problems, the problems she never wanted to have. It was in the strange room where the girl was safe.

But she knew she would have to return home soon, but she could afford to stay in the room for a minute longer. After all, no one would miss her if she stayed.

Prompt #39. A story with only one character.